Recent Articles on Colorado Environmental Coalition

Global Warming Concerns and Colorado's Response

Global warming is a critical concern for Colorado, the Rocky Mountain region, and the rest of our planet. Greenhouse gas emissions, a byproduct of human consumption of dirty fossil fuels, are significantly increasing average global temperatures. The world's leading climatologists predict that global warming will continue, causing ice caps to melt, sea levels to rise, more intense storms and flooding, as well as increased drought and accompanying wildfires. read more »

Education & Outreach for Colorado Conservation

Hundreds of Coloradans volunteered with CEC each year, donating their time in support of Colorado's environment. There is a huge variety of available opportunities. Volunteers represented CEC at community outreach events, call legislators and members at Capitol Watch meetings, restore trails in our wild places, assist with mailing parties and phone banks or just come into the office for a few hours to help out on a free afternoon. read more »

Building Capacity in Colorado

CEC is a central clearinghouse on technology practices, organizer education and collaborative information sharing for the conservation community and its allies.  With growing workloads and information overload, organizers in the conservation community need a one-stop destination to get and share quality information and tools to better do their jobs. read more »

Environmental Legislation to Watch

Colorado Environmental Coalition worked with our conservation partners, lawmakers, and members of the business community during the 2012 legislative session to protect Colorado’s land, air and water while fostering economic opportunity in our state. They were fighting hard to advance several exciting legislative priorities including legislation aimed at increasing electronic waste recycling, removing regulatory barriers for electric vehicles, and creating transparency for tax giveaways that can lead to ecologically damaging sprawl. read more »

Smart Growth for Colorado

Colorado Environmental Coalition is dedicated to working towards balanced policy solutions that will enable our communities to grow and prosper without sacrificing the quality of life we love in Colorado. To accomplish this goal, local leaders, elected officials, and people from all walks of life must come together to support smart development patterns, policies and design that get us out of our cars and into our communities and help create a future for Colorado that fosters vibrant neighborhoods, protects open space and rural landscapes, and limits urban sprawl. read more »

Colorado's Precious Water Resources

In arid Colorado, water is the lifeblood of our communities. Generations of Coloradans have relied on our streams and rivers to support farms and ranches, and every year people come from around the country and world to fish, kayak, raft, and play here. Rivers and streams also provide clean and plentiful drinking water for our cities and towns, and essential habitat to our abundant fish and wildlife populations. read more »

Promoting Clean Colorado Energy

Energy warms and cools our homes, powers our businesses, fuels our transportation, and is a key component of our state’s economy. Colorado is in a unique energy position, as our state provides vast amounts of fossil fuel energy resources to the rest of the country. Our state also has some of the greatest potential for developing a clean energy economy, with some of the best opportunities for successful solar, wind and bio-fuels projects in the nation. read more »

Protecting the Colorado Wilderness

The Wilderness Act of 1964, passed eight years after its introduction, recognized the need to maintain the pristine beauty unique to America's wild places. Describing a wilderness as "an area where the earth and its community of life are untrammeled by man, where man himself is a visitor who does not remain," the Wilderness Act sought to safeguard these offerings of quiet solace, stunning landscapes and invaluable biodiversity. read more »